Earthsong Bernhard Edmaier, book of aerial photography, 2004, used, excellent condition


Earthsong book of aerial photography by Bernhard Edmaier. Large format, hardcover.

Publisher: Phaidon
Publication Date: 2004
Binding: Hardcover
Condition: Excellent, good condition dust jacket, inner pages is excellent clean condition, some very slight yellowing around edge of pages consistent with age.
ISBN 0 7148 44519

Size 36cm x 31cm x 3cm

(second hand, pre-owned by Film and Furniture founder Paula Benson as a reference book, hardly used)

unparceled weight 2.77kg

Earthsong comprises a spectacular collection of breathtaking aerial photographs of the earth’s surface, taken from all over the world. This bookoffers a mesmerizing perspective of the world in which we live, but which we rarely get to glimpse so completely. These images reveal wide stretches of the earth’s surface that are untouched by human influence, where nature reigns, natural phenomena dominating and defining the landscape. Photographed from above, the tremendous sights of volcanoes, glaciers, coral reefs, canyons, sea beds and rivers reveal the delicate and monumental natural patterns that are etched on the earth’s crust. Bernhard Edmaier’s photographs capture the breathtaking beauty of these unspoiled areas and document phenomena that may last for a few brief moments or remain for millions of years.

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