Calypso Martinique Pendant Lamp

As seen in:

Designer: Servomuto

Trish Walker’s kitchen lights in In Jessica Jones Season 2 hang with poise and style. This trio of distinctive lights are Martinique pendant lamps from a collection called Calypso which is inspired by the 1940s. Their design shows a connection with the tropical and Southern American World, where the European Deco style, characterized by geometrical lines and black & whites, is twisted and revitalized, thanks to bright colours, patterns and twines.

The frosted glass diffuser used in the first industrial lights with a precious brass ring, recalls the Art Deco style. Calypso is a family of lamps tightly connected to tradition with a pronounced sense of humour. Available in 3 styles: Guadeloupe, Martinique and Antigua.

Trish Walker’s kitchen lights are available in three different colour combinations, but the exact lamps in Trish’s apartment are the Martinique in yellow.

Body Finish: Satin Brass

Country of Origin: Italy

Designed in 2019


Approx £1,000.00 Inclusive of VAT (eg UK) if applicable / $1572

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