Blade Runner whisky glasses gift boxed set of 2 (37cl)

Designer: Cini Boeri

Arnolfo di Cambio

Directors: Denis Villeneuve, Ridley Scott

THE Blade Runner whisky glasses! The exact ‘CIBI’ glass tumbler design that Deckard (Harrison Ford) is seen drinking whiskey from in Blade Runner (1982). Hand blown crystal glass by the original Italian company since 1974, these heavyweight stunning glasses command respect and come in beautiful Arnolfo do Cambio gift box.

Probably the coolest tumbler ever made, the 1974 Arnolfo di Cambio CIBI tumbler is a ‘Double Old fashion glass’ by The Arnolfo di Cambio company which was founded in Tuscany, Italy in 1963 and in the course of five decades and three generations has become one of Italy’s leading glass manufacturers.

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Tried and tested by Film and Furniture these glasses are the ultimate gift for a whisky drinking Blade Runner fan.

These glasses come in 2 sizes – 37cl and 22cl. The true Blade Runner size is 37cl.

Also available as a single glass.

Approx £149.95 / $196