Batman’s office desk chair in Batman v Superman

Director: Zack Snyder

The ultimate office desk chair! Bruce Wayne aka Batman’s desk chair from the ultra high tech batcave in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Due to popular request, we’ve done some digging into the identity of the distinctive black leather desk chairs sitting in Batman’s ultra high tech Batcave in Batman vs Superman and have exclusive confirmation from the movie’s set decorator on the exact chair.

In the 2016 Warner Bros film, Wayne Manor has been burned to the ground, forcing Bruce to live in the stunning nearby lake house. We first spotted Batman’s desk chair, which has a distinctive spine-like back, in the Google maps 360 interactive tour of the house which leads you to the hidden batcave (see more on Batman’s house in our feature ‘Batman’s taste in modernist furniture revealed in Google maps tour of Bruce Wayne’s house from Batman v Superman’).

Batman v Superman Set decorator Cal Loucks used the Verte desk chair as a main starting point and then customized it. The arms and base were recreated in cold rolled steel and aluminum powder coated. The head rest was removed.

The Verte chair which is commercially available for sale has full-grain leather seat and back, 11 torsion spring-loaded bearing joints with brushed aluminum back supports, 3 built-in levers for height and chair tilt, padded two-way adjustable neck rest, and adjustable and removable padded T-arms.

The series of 11 torsion spring-loaded bearing joints conform to your exact spine impression, then lock into place for one-of-a-kind fit.

You can rotate the neck rest to support your neck and head, relieving strain.

Please contact us for details on current suppliers of this chair (as they keep moving the links to where they sell it!).

Approx £1,200.00 / $1572