Art Deco Graphics book, Patricia Frantz Kery (second hand, very good condition)

By Patricia Frantz Kery

Thames and Hudson

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Art Deco Graphics book, Patricia Frantz Kery (second hand, pre-owned by Film and Furniture founder Paula Benson as a reference book, very good condition)

This book still stands as the most comprehensive survey on the dynamic graphic design in the three decades before World War II, when economic and political upheaval mixed with a wild pursuit of gaiety, luxury, modernism and elegance to produce a style known variously as Modern, Skyscraper, Jazz Style and, eventually, Art Deco.

Watch the The Great Gatsby and have this book at hand to immerse yourself in the world of Art Deco.

Patricia Frantz Kery covers in depth the style’s sources and explores the decorative ‘fine arts’ that formed a bridge between the radical modern movements and Deco commercial art. There are chapters on posters, magazines, commercial design, books, and fashion and costume, each with an illustrated introductory text followed by a portfolio of stunning illustrations of works that range from the established masterpieces of Art Deco to never-before-reproduced pieces found in Europe, Latin America, the United States and Japan. Art Deco Graphics is both a sourcebook and an inspiration for designers and illustrators, art directors and photographers, scholars and collectors, and for anyone interested in the graphic style of one of the most exciting periods in history.

Thames & Hudson LTD
ISBN 9780500283530
English Language
Publication Year 2002
320 Pages
Dimensions 313mm x 257mm

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