Alessi Il Conico Water Kettle

Designer: Aldo Rossi


Director: Matt Winn

The Il Conico Water Kettle, crafted from stainless steel 18/10, is a masterpiece of design by Aldo Rossi and manufactured by Alessi, following the success of La Conica, the coffee maker of the same iconic designer. We find one in Tom and Sarah’s kitchen in The Trouble With Jessica.

The resemblance between the kettle’s form and its name is striking: the cone shapes, a recurring motif in Rossi’s architectural creations, have been brilliantly transformed into tangible objects, emerging as must-have icons in every modern kitchen.

Born in Milan (1931-1997), Aldo Rossi is widely regarded as the preeminent Italian architect of the latter half of the 20th century. His architectural journey began at Gardella and Zanuso. Renowned for his pursuit of abstraction, simplicity, and conciseness, Rossi’s minimalist approach, characterized by elemental forms, geometric patterns, and evocative silence, resulted in some of the era’s most profoundly poetic works of architecture and design.

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