Djinn chair

Designer: Olivier Mourgue


Director: Stanley Kubrick

Designed by Olivier Mourgue in 1965 whilst working for French manufacturer Airborne International, the Djinn chairs embody 60s futuristic design and have gone on to firmly take their place in design history. With their wave like, low slung silhouette, they were selected by Kubrick and his team for 2001: A Space Odyssey.


The name Djinn comes from an Islamic mythological spirit which is capable of changing shape from human to animal, and is quite fitting. Made from tubular steel covered with foam padding and upholstered in jersey fabric, the single and doubled seated versions of the chair were complimented by an ottoman, a chaise longue and a day bed. In Kubrick’s film the chairs appear as a vivid red due to lighting, but they actually had a slightly magenta pink tonality. In any case they stand out loud and proud against the rest of the high white interiors.


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Approx £1,475 / $1932